Never heard of Colourful Rebel before? Well, that’s about to change. Colourful Rebel started just a short while ago, but we’ve learned a thing or two on this rollercoaster ride and we’re ready to take over the world!

Colourful Rebel’s founders, twin brothers Bas and Frank, both worked for other Dutch fashion companies before starting Colourful Rebel, but something was always missing. They decided to take matters into their own hands, to create things they liked and to guide their company by their own vision. Thus, Colourful Rebel was born.

Founded in Amsterdam in the late summer days of 2013, Colourful Rebel started off as a lifestyle magazine. Just a year later, in the early summer of 2014, we launched our fashion brand for both men and women, exploring Amsterdam’s fashion scene and people: the young and restless.

It all began printing seasonal t-shirts that were sold through a small webshop connected to Colourful Rebel’s blog. Soon enough, the brand became so popular it grew a life of its’ own. Selling t-shirts straight out of their student apartments wasn’t going to cut it anymore. The brothers knew they needed a business partner to help them turn the brand into what it is today, and teamed up with a close friend, Oscar. They started an office in a building owned by Oscar’s mom, and began expanding their business by finding reliable production partners, setting up a customer care department and outsourcing their order handling. Having sold over 100.000 shirts by the end of 2014, it was time to answer the growing amount of requests from wholesale partners to start selling and representing the brand.

By the end of 2016, Colourful Rebel was represented by over 150 stores in both the Netherlands and Belgium and the first steps were made to expand into the UK, Ireland and the USA. By 2017 Colourful Rebel had opened up their very own flagship store in Amsterdam’s city centre.

By the end of 2016 Colourful Rebel flew to Las Vegas, Nevada, to shoot a brand movie that would capture everything we stand for and the essence of the brand. The film stars three of their best friends and was filmed and produced by yet another group of friends. The film shows Dennis, Rikk and Vivian having a blast in Vegas. The perfect summary of what Colourful Rebel stands for: Fun, Friends and living life to the fullest.